Selection of projects

Catarina Freitas

A selection of projects and collaborations

Selection of projects

Catarina Freitas

A selection of projects and collaborations


A project on Surveillance
Protection, Privacy and Fear

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With the intention of exploring the theme "Surveillance", 3 completely different graphic objects were made, each of them exploring one particular side of that same word: 01 Protection/Security; 02 Privacy and Fear; 03 Hiding Places and what do you do when you're not being watched.

The first editorial piece is a Visual Essay that works with materials, transparency and sensitivity, combining pictures that have been taken of surveillance cameras on the streets of Porto. This first object explores the surveillance point of view where you are being watched, supposedly for your security and protection. The idea of the transparent object is to demonstrate that, even when everything is as visible as possible, visibility is sometimes compromised. This object arises as an antithesis to the conventional idea that one has of transparency. The idea that someone is transparent always referred to a person who has no problem in demonstrating everything that goes on in their life. In this case, the images of the filming cameras printed in acetate, overlap each other, creating an object and a narrative only that, although being transparent, becomes impossible to visualize.

The second object is a small sized book that explores the surveillance point of view of being watched without permission, and the fear of it, by collecting pictures taken by covered computer cameras. "Shall I say it, or will you? We are not human. They could spy upon you night and day. Are you prepared to give your lives? Folly, folly, his heart kept saying: conscious, gratuitous, suicidal folly. I assume that you have a hiding-place of some kind? Under the window somebody was singing."

The last book is in a pocketbook format inspired by the 1984 film diary, and portrays the view of the hideout as the place where we are safe and alone. In fact, it is not quite so. The spread dedicated to each of the images appears as reinforcement of the idea of zoom, observation, espionage: the idea of Surveillance.

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Editorial Coordination

Catarina Freitas


George Orwell"1984"

FOAM Magazine #43

Ai Weiwei"Freedom of Expression under Surveillance"

Art Direction

Catarina Freitas

Graphic Design

Catarina Freitas


Collected from Google Maps by Jon Rafman in ""


Gráfica Saúde Sá


200 pages



April 2019

A project on Surveillance - Protection, Privacy and Fear
What to do, when you are not being watched?

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